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Private Client Services

Investment Offerings

Bespoke Accounts

Accounts are all individually tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives, constraints and risk tolerances, and time horizons of our clients. Some clients may only be interested in tax planning while others may only be interested in private placements or an open market portfolio, or a combination of all offerings. We are here to serve and to provide the right balance for our clients.

Private Placements

  • SCP actively participates in ~40 investment deals annually, involving private placements, IPOs, RTOs, bought deal, and best efforts deals.
  • We recommend only ~8 to 12 suitable individual placements or financings per year for our clients.
  • Financings are non-discretionary, with clients making direct decisions on each investments Investments are global, primarily listed on the TSX, ASX, or NYSE exchanges.

Bespoke Portfolios

  • SCP offers fully managed discretionary portfolios as well as non-discretionary portfolios.
  • Portfolios typically consist of 8 to 12 investments, carefully curated from our best ideas.
  • Portfolios, whether discretionary or non-discretionary, are bespoke to our client’s unique investment objectives and constraints.
  • All portfolios are segregated.

Charity & Traditional Flow-Through Offerings

  • Individual Issuer Flow-Through share offerings
  • Charity Flow-Through offerings
  • Bespoke offerings